3 December 1968



The post of Governess is appointed for children, who are not cadets, above the age of 6 or as determined by the Captain. The post is under Dept 9.

A child is one who cannot handle an org or ship post. He or she is not on payroll.

Quarters must be found or made (not in the nursery and not in the dorms) for such children.

Children may not smoke or possess matches. They may not have knives or toys which can be used as or resemble weapons. They may not wear Seo Org uniforms or parts thereof.

Children may only go on liberty with the permission of the Conning Offiver and only accompanied by an adult.

Children must spend at least 10 hours each day studying. They may not roam the ship at large.

If a child or these children are found in Hold 1 or any children hidden compartment of the ship they are to be locked up.

Their clothing and subsistance is paid for by their parents. They eat together and may not eat with the nursery.

They attend school together but not with the nursery or cadets.

Anyone below 6 is to be called "Little Children" of "babies".

The governess is fully responsible for the acts, conduct and morality of the children.

Ethics Conditions may not be assigned children as they are part of the SO. Misdeameanors or crimes by them cause an Ethics Condition to be assigned to the Governess as not keeping them in hand.

The Governess may spank or discipline children under her care at her own discretion.