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This dictionary contains 'only' appr. 75 abbreviations -- those related to the FO-documents here. To get the picture straight you need to know that Scientology / Dianetics uses THOUSANDS of this kind of 'specialized' terms...
8-C Control
AB Able Bodied Seaman
A/LRH Comm Aide Acting LRH Communicator Aide - 'Acting' means the person holding this post is doing so on a temporary basis. LRH Comm Aide is the head of the LRH Comm Network in the Flag Management Bureau. It is a senior management position.
AOLA Advanced Org of Los Angeles - this org has had at least three different locations in LA over the last 30 years, and is currently at the Cedars complex.
ASHO American Saint Hill Organization
ASHO D American Saint Hill Organization Day
ATA Apollo Training Academy. A building on Fountain Ave in Hollywood. It was used as a training and day care facility for the Sea Org children. It is also on Fountain Avenue just west of the Singer Building. The Apollo Training Academy (ATA) was located in the 4800 block of Fountain Avenue, on the southeast corner of North New Hampshire and Fountain Avenue.
AVC Authorization, Verification and Correction Unit.
Usually AVU was used to denote that approval for issuance had been given by Flag.
AVU Authorization and Verifications Unit.
It's the same as AVC. The imprimatur means that the issue has been reviewed by a Scientology authority and has been given "IA", or issue authority (seal of approval).
CCO Child Care Organization
CCUMO Child Care Unit Management Officer [at Flag]
CEO Cadet Estates Organization
Chief Officer The Executive Secretary in a Sea Org organization who is in charge of Divisions 3 - 6. He is equal in position to a SuperCargo and holds a parallel position on the Org Board, i.e., just under the Commanding Officer, and senior to his Division heads which are:

Div 3 - Treasury Division
Div 4 - Technical Division
Div 5 - Qualifications Division
Div 6 - Public Division

In non-Sea Org orgs, i.e., most Class V orgs and Missions, this position is called the Organization Executive Secretary. At one time it was called simply the Org Secretary.

CI Counter-intention, resistance to authority, disobedience; the last thing an SO member would want to have to Command Intention, qv. "Any more CI on my lines from you, buster, and I'm routing you to Ethics to get your overts standardly handled."
CMO Commodore's (L. Ron Hubbard) Messengers Organization. A Sea-Org run power center within the cult, started by the teenyboppers in hot pants who used to serve as Hubbard's mouthpieces on board his ships. CMO PAC (Pacific Area Command) is based in LA, in a large building across the street from the Cedars of Lebanon Center. The CMO IXU, the Internal eXtension Unit, is in the HGB, qv. CMO INT and CMO Gold are at the INT base.
CO Commanding Officer
C/O Commanding Officer
CO ITO Commanding Officer International Training Organization
Comm Eved Subjected to a Committee of Evidence, which is a Scn trial.
Consultant Another term used to mean L. Ron Hubbard. Used in an attempt to deceive people into thinking that Hubbard was only a consultant and not issuing orders directly into Scientology organizations.
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CS-E Commodores Staff [Aide] - Estates
CS-G Commodore's Staff Guardian. This was Mary Sue Hubbard. 'CS-G' was the head of the Guardian Office World Wide. The post of 'CS-G' was second in command to L Ron Hubbard and immediately senior to the 'Guardian World Wide' (Jane Kember).
CSW Completed Staff Work - this is what a recommended solution to a problem is called. A "CSW" is submitted with the "situation", "data", a proposed "solution", and a line saying "this is OK" for a senior's approval on a perceived problem.
DB Degraded Being. Someone so infested with Body Thetans, evil spirits, as to be in-auditable or insane. Also used as a general derogatory term. "These psychs are all DBs; without the tech, they won't make it."
D/CS-7 Deputy/Commodore's Staff - [Division] 7 (Division 7 is the Executive Division)
D/LC Deputy LRH Comm
D/LCI Deputy L [Ron Hubbard] Communicator International
Ext HCO Chfs External Hubbard Communication Office Chiefs
FDSing False Data Stripping - a technique designed to 'clear false information' and replace it with 'correct' information. Called FDSing, it is an indoctrination technique used by Hubbard's followers to strip 'wrong ideas' from people so they can be replaced by 'correct' ones.
FEBC Flag Executive Briefing Course
FLB Cadet Org The Flag Land Base Cadet Organization. The Cadet Org in Clearwater, Florida for Sea Org children there.
FLWUS Folo West US =
Flag Operations Liaision Office West US
FOLO Flag Operations Liaison Office
FSC Flag Service Consultant
G.A.E. "Government or Graduation acceptance examination" diploma. In the US it is called a "G.E.D." : a high school diploma one obtains by taking an equivalency examination. It is the equivalent of a high school diploma.
GO Guardian Office, since re-named Office of Special Affairs, or OSA. This is the CIA department of Scientology.
Hatting Officers Staff members whose job it is to 'hat' or train personnel. The post of Hatting Officer is in the HCO Division Department of Personnel.
HAS HCO Area Secretary - the head of Division 1. HCO means Hubbard Communications Office.
HE & R Human Emotion and Reaction. Means 'complaining', to exhibit human emotions. Hubbard says it is an emotion expressed by aberrated human beings, and that such beings are usually below 2.0 on the 'Tone Scale'.
HFA Held From Above
Hold 1 Hold aboard a ship
I/A Issue Authority
I/C In Charge, e.g., Mission I/C
IMO Int[ernational] Management Org[anization]
I/P In Progress
LC LRH Comm[unicator] also written LRHC or LRH Comm.
LRH Comm L. Ron Hubbard Communicator - every org has one posted in Division 7.
MAA Master At Arms - an Ethics Officer
M-9 Method Nine Word Clearing
MLO Medical Liaison Officer
MO Mission Order. Sometimes: Medical Officer
MSB Mission Service Bureau, as in Qual EM MSB. Qual = Qualifications Division. EM = Estates Manager.
msn Mission. In the context of this Aides Order it means a team of Sea Org members sent to an area or org with orders to accomplish specific targets with regard to compliance to a series of orders issued by senior management.

It also means lower-level Scientology centers that offer introductory services, whose purpose is to 'flow bodies up the Bridge' to higher (Class IV or V) orgs.

NCC Network Coordinating Committee - a Committee that coordinates various programs, orders, projects, etc. between various networks, like LRH Comm Network (LC NW), WatchDog Committee (WDC), Senior HCO, Commodores Messenger Organization (CMO), etc.
NW Network
OEC Organization Executive Course. An executive training course and its associated policy in HCOPLs, Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters, collected into a set of eight large numbered green volumes, also called the "Green Vols." A person knowing the data in these volumes fully and applying it could completely reverse any down-trending statistics, or even a bring back a failing company, Hubbard says. "OEC 0 is the Basic Staff Volume; read it before you commit a crime on post."
Org Bd Org Board
PAC Pacific Area Command
PES Public Executive Secretary - The Executive Secretary in charge of the 3 Public Divisions (on a nine-division org board), which are:

Div 6 - Public Planning Division
Div 7 - Public Activities Division
Div 8 - Success Division

Where a nine division org board is used, the Executive Division changes to Division 9. Most orgs use the 7 Division org board. In this case, there is no PES (Public Executive Secretary), but the post is called the Public Secretary and that person is the head of Div 6 and is junior to the OES - Organization Executive Secretary, or Chief Officer (in a Sea Org organization).

PLC Parents Liaison Committee
PLC Rep Parents Liaison Committee Representative
PR & C Public Relations and Consumption
PR & P Public Relations and Promotion
S/Crgos S/C is abbreviation for SuperCargo. S/Crgos means SuperCargos (plural). Comes from the navy. In a Sea Org org it is the Executive Secretary who is in charge of (senior to) Divisions 7 (Executive), 1 (HCO) and 2 (Dissemination). In a Class V org this post is called the HCO Esecutive Secretary. The SuperCargo's immediate senior is the Commanding Officer. Immediately junior to the S/C are the HCO Area Secretary (HAS or HCO Area Sec) and the Dissemination Secretary (Dissem Sec).

Division One - HCO - Departments 1 - 3 pertain to:
Dept 1 - Dept of Personnel - personnel
Dept 2 - Dept of Communications - communications, bulk mail, letters in and out, internal despatches
Dept 3 - Dept of Inspections and Reports - Public and staff ethics, staff reports, security, ethics files.

Division Two - Dissemination Division - Departments 4 - 6 pertain to:
Dept 4 - Dept of Promotion - responsible for promo pieces designing & issuing, as well as the monthly magazine
Dept 5 - Dept of Publications - sales of books, tapes, course packs, hat packs, E-Meters, insignias and pins are in this dept
Dept 6 - Dept of Registration - the all holy GI or Gross Income is the main product. In addition, 'bodies in the shop' are the responsibility of the Director of Registration (the head of Dept 6).

The GI (GROSS INCOME) is so important in Scientology (understatement) that 'GI' is the statistic of a Registrar. It is also a statistic of the Director of Registration. It is a statistic of the Dissemination Secretary. It is a statistic of the SuperCargo. And it is a statistic of the Commanding Officer. In other words, everyone up the 'chain of command' starting in Dept 6, is responsible for the GI.

SH Saint Hill Organisation
PR & P Public Relations and Promotion
Snr HCO Senior Senior Hubbard Communications Office. This is a department at continental and international management - it basically handles justice, ethics etc and is the ultimate HCO authority in a local area.
Singer Bldg A building in Hollywood California. It is immediately west of, and adjacent to, the parking structure. It is part of the Cedars Complex, located on the south side of the 4800 block of Fountain Avenue and the 1300 block of L Ron Hubbard Way (formerly known as N. Berendo St.) This building is used for staff berthing, and was also used to house and care for children. In the late 70s and early 80s, married Sea Org staff with children lived in the Singer Building.
T/CO Temporary Commanding Officer
TGT Target
TTC Tech[nical] Training Corps. The tech training unit in an org. The unit that trains Scienos to be auditors, case supervisors, cramming officers, and other tech and qual division personnel.
VFP Valuable Final Product
WDC Watchdog Committee. A high-level cult security arm designed to keep an eye on the other branches. Jonathon Barbera: "Senior-most management organization in the Church of Scientology. WDC Chairman is, officially, the head of the Church. In 1993 this post was held by the CO CMO INT somewhat secretly, but it may be policy for these two posts to be held by the same individual. This organization oversees large areas of Scientology such as OSA, WISE, SMI, SO Service Orgs, etc. and each one of these areas are overseen by a specific executive (referred to as WDC OSA, WDC SMI, etc.).
W/O Warrant Officer - an officer rank in the SO
W.Q.S.B. Watch Quarter and Station Bill. It is a large board showing what watch a Sea Org member is on, where his berthing is, and what his post (job title) and duties are.
WUS Western US