PDC-9: Anatomy of Processing - Energy Phenomena/Sensation

This is the second hour of the afternoon lecture, December the third. You've just seen a short demonstration on uh...the presence of these tractors and pressors. Now, of course, the tractor beam and the pressor beam go hand in hand. Actually you get a good current exchange by having a tractor and a pressor right together, so you can push and pull at the same time and you can maintain balance with it. Now that's all very easy to do, but uh...the uh...thetan who has...thinks he has to use these is actually agreeing with the MEST universe like mad.

And you have to get him over that. And one of the goals that you have in processing is get him so he's doing things simply by command not by energy. Cause you see, anything can happen by command - anything. You don't need to apply energy.

That's a sort of a slave status. Now you have to be able to be responsible for the whole shooting match practically, if you're going to handle energy all the way through it. You have to have a pretty high level of responsibility in order to make your commands stick on the lower level of energy. But you are dealing, when you are dealing with energy, on a lower level than postulates.

You're dealing with a higher lever when you're dealing with postulates, and when you're dealing with commands. Now you saw these various head mock-ups here, uh...the collapsing tractors and so forth. There is another condition which you must know about and that is the condition of putting a pressor beam against the head.

A thetan puts a pressor beam against the head and at the moment the head suffers pain, the pressor beam doesn't hold against the head. It is lengthened suddenly and uncontrollably by the surge of energy which is put into it by the pain the body is feeling at that instant.

So, you get a pressor beam going straight on through the head.

Swish - and the thetan is not able to support himself at a distance from the head by means of the application of this pressor beam, and he feels all is lost. And that's a very serious situation for him. He just knows it's all gone and he's done for.

He goes right on in. Now people when they're doing any of these processes, by the way, sometimes feel little explosions inside their head or against the back of their neck or something like that. These are these old ridges, if you notice - on drawing five we had a splash here.

Now your pressor beam, of course, would be a...a lengthening beam and your pressor beam would go on through here from position of the thetan one to position of the thetan two. And then your pressor beam would continue on out and go on through the head.

All right, it makes a splash when it hits the back of the head. There's an energy splash. The thetan's energy, actually, he is generating energy and what energy he's generating and what ridge is there he'll explode and h makes a splash himself. And so he sets up a new type of ridge.

When you ;tart processing your preclear your preclear quite often says, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow" - that's ridges blowing all through his head. He':, got these old ridges around and they keep exploding on him. And don't worry too much about that because I haven't tarn anybody's brains loose yet.

Somebody said the other day I was quite sadistic about this sort of


thing; no, as a matter of fact, uh...not...not really sadistic uh...uh...but it is rather amusing to find out that what seems to be at first glance to homo sapiens the most horrible and senseless cruelty uh...actually is approached almost immediately by a preclear and he overrides it. And he can always think of something much worse, immediately afterwards, quite amusing.

Now, the head could be called a theta trap and this is the way the trap is triggered. And because one has so many vested interests in the life of homo sapiens, why, he has...he's...he gets into the feeling that this theta trap, uh...pardon me, this head is something very special. I mean it's different, i...it's...it's valuable, it's...it's...and so on. It isn't just a theta trap.

And it's...it's about the same order of magnitude, if you can view it in the same order of magnitude as a rat cage where it triggers a rat into it. Or it's the same order of magnitude as any other type of theta trap such as a pole trap, or an aesthetic trap. These are various traps you can read about in other books.

But uh...it's just another kind of trap. Of course, now the worst kind of a trap of all, of course, i...is...is a...a beautiful woman. Uh...- that's a theta trap we all know. That this...that this is the worst type, the most deadly, but uh...again that's just a trap.

Now we're talking...we're talking about sensation. Start this out on this. Now this is just a little brief rundown on this. We talk about sensation. What's sensation got to do with this? Well, the desire for sensation is actually what keeps him hanging around.

And he'll hang around this theta trap and this theta trap's cheese; the cheese that's on this theta trap is called sensation. And that is not all that a thetan can get and that isn't all a thetan can do, and it's not even very valuable. And a thetan can actually mock up far better sensations than that, but he gets the idea he would like to feel like he wasn't responsible for the sensation.

So, he...he says, "Well, I'll...sensations, wonderful stuff." There's too many things you can do besides sensation. Now you go up along the line of sensation, above the line of sensation. You'll think, for instance, that a thetan has only one emotion and that is entire and complete serenity. Oh no, he can change that emotion all over the place.

Uh...but he has this terrific dependence upon homo sapiens for sensation. There isn't any reason why he can't pick the sensation off of apples, uh...he can't pick the sensation off of uh...uh...automobile tires or anything. I mean he has to plant the sensation before he can feel it. And he's got a circuit set up so that he says, "This sensation that comes in, I didn't plant it. And this energy doesn't belong to me although I mocked it up and brought it in and so on and so on. And electronic interchanges must take place and I've agreed to this and agreed to that and agreed to something else." You get the idea.

So here we have then...here we have then a high level...high level causation for aberration when we talk about sensation. It's odd that every theta trap is baited with aesthetics. Real good theta traps are baited with aesthetics. And real good theta traps match the wave length of the thetan if the thetan cares to put out a wave length. He takes his form of interest in this universe in terms of an aesthetic wave or in terms of sensational waves.

He gets interested, then, in these lines and he feels that's all


there is. That isn't all there is. So he comes into a body and he fools around with bodies and then eventually gets trapped by bodies and so on, simply from a desire for this sensation.

That...the sensation of freedom, the sensation of action - these are all sensations, too. And the sensation of freedom and the joy of pervasion of many things and so forth is actually much superior to the joy of sex.

But uh...sex is pretty high, but you just have to shift your order of magnitude of how...how good can things get. Uh...that's a pretty low level. And this body is baited to a large degree with uh...the emotion and sensation of sex, and it is NOT good on a much better one.

The sensation of action, the body is just...just terrible, I mean it's frail, it has a narrow tolerance band. There are a lot of things wrong with it from a standpoint of action.

You just take a body sometime and throw it at a hundred miles an hour up against a wall and it...it's awfully secondhand. Now, it...it's...it's not rigged for action. It builds up ridges tremendously fast; you know, the body couldn't lift a ton. A human body cannot go out and lift a ton. It takes two hands at least.

A thetan, on the other hand, when he's really up to speed, probably by command power alone could lift a car off the road. That's a great possibility, because weights and masses and that sort of thing are tremendously uh...non-existent, weights, masses, except as he makes them exist. He gets the idea of work, he gets the idea of weight, he gets the idea of a lot of things, and as a net result he traps himself with his own desires for things to be so that he can obtain sensation.

The big trick here on earth - wonderful trick - is to make it look like there's lots of sensation around and then there isn't any. That's typical of the MEST universe. Terrific amount offered and none paid.

Now you get...you get a...a...a boy, uh...he...he goes out, he hears all these love songs, he hears this, he hears that. You get a beautiful girl and she goes out and she hears all these love songs, and this and that...and boy, they're talking about sensation, sensation, sensation. And next thing you know, what happens? They get married. Neow!

'? Now he has to work. Now you want to know how far...how far this sensation thing can be carried. Do you know that there are people who day after day after day go to an office and sit down at a desk and sign papers that don't mean anything to them at all, week after week after week just so they can sometimes have a sensation. Think of that. They give up all of the sensation of freedom and action and speed to have another sensation which has been rated highly because it's scarce. But the sensation of action is superior to the sensation of sex. And you'd have to get up into that bracket and take a look at it before you'd agree with that. But it is really a high- level sensation.

Sex is VERY MESTy. A thetan knows it is and he feels degraded after he's gone around and fooled with it for a while. It's terrible.

All right, now, after then...after this tractor beams collapse and the ridge inflow pours him into the head and the pressor beams, uh...the sticks you might say, they fail him and so forth and there he is inside. He doesn't know that all he's got to do is just say he's someplace else and then be someplace else as an awareness unit and he will be free of a head.


He...he just doesn't realize this. He's too groggy and there's too many energy levels hitting him. So what does he do? He takes the next best course and he builds up...he builds up lines for sensation inside the body.

You get this picture and this is uh...the sixth one of these sketches here. Here we have a body, call it such. And here we have the genital area and so forth down here at B, and here we have the thetan and so on at position A. The GE is in here someplace, more or less the center.

The GE has a lot of these posted. He has all sorts of them, a network he kind of works through and we've called those networks, previously, epicenters. He's sort of divided himself up and been aware in various places in various lines and so forth.

Okay. Now, here's your thetan up here at X. Now what does he do? He builds up communication lines into this area. There's the mouth. And into this area. These dotted lines are communication lines from the thetan to the genital area at B and from the thetan to the mouth.

Now, a communication line is a tractor wave. He uses that for a communication line. You can set up a tractor wave on something and you'll get communications over that wave and so he sets these communication lines up permanently. And they're valuable because sensation comes over those. Yes Sir, they're real valuable, so he gets himself surrounded here by a ridge which we mark "S" here and that's actually a sensation deposit.

It's the energy of sensation. And, boy, he'll no more let go of that in a lot of cases than he'd stand up and bump his body off. He won't do either one.

So here we go. We've got this communication line here from the thetan in the head to the mouth, where he gets the taste of food and where he gets tactile and so on. There are many other of these little lines too, in addition to these. These are the principle ones and we get this communication lines down here and those are tensional lines and the thetan plasters himself up against this ridge marked "S".

He's holding on, he's keeping this back flow from taking place. He's got himself braced here. He knows he doesn't dare let go because if he backs off, he's going to start this back flow and that will make him afraid. And he's got these lines set and built in to such a degree that he actually has himself nailed into the body.

He might as well have tied himself in with hawsers. Now, one of the methods of undoing this, by the way, is mocking up - this is obvious in creative processing - you just mock up cables, communication lines, telephones, all sorts of switchboards. And you mock these switchboards up, one line after the other, as passing from the genital area and passing from the mouth into the thetan.

Take one at a time. Take, for instance, the mouth, uh...where he gets the taste of food and that sort of thing. You keep mocking up lines, he's got conducts, and he's got lines and let him put in switchboards and conducts and lines and then turn them all polka-dot colored just to make sure they're his.

Now we'll take that set out and we'll put that over on this bench. And then we'll mock up another set up in there and we'll take that out and we'll put that over on this bench. And then we'll take another set out here.

So we can pick up all these places again. We track that up. We pu..


plug those in real good and get the lines all plugged in tight and get them real solid and tighten the equipment up and then we'll tear those out and put those over on this bench.

And we start that same process between the thetan and the genital area and uh...keep laying them over on the bench. And just blow the equipment up over there when he's got enough. He'll find possibly once in a while this stuff's heavy.

He...he'll mock up this equipment and then he'll find out it has tremendous weight to it and uh...that the lines are very heavy and uh...so on. Actually, they're in apathy because the favorite trick of such a civilization of Earth is to say, "Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex," and then there isn't any.

There...there are people around...there are people around who go three-quarters of their lives or all their lives without ever really experiencing the sensation. All...all they do is hope. So it must be pretty powerful and these lines must be pretty powerful if a person will work and slave and go through all sorts of things and stay in a body and hang around and fool around and...and listen to stuff and buy opera tickets and dress himself and go in and go out, around and about, an...an...and get social contact, and make sure his social standings get safe - for what?

Freud to some degree, you see, wasn't too far behind on this sort of thing; however, it is a mechanism. It's a mechanism which builds up relatively slowly and is not the primary mechanism. The primary mechanism of the trap of the thetan is the current flow which pins him and the snap-in. And, as I covered in the last hour, the snap-in, those...those are primary. Now we're getting down to a tertiary pin down. This is kind of what keeps him around. This is pay.

Well, you start this and I want you to make note of what I'm saying now when I start to talk about have and have not, because, boy, when those lines start coming in on this, they land on this ridge. That sensation have, have, want, want, want, and what is it? It's a collapsing line.

It's a collapsing ridge and it's a pin down. It says want want want want want. And every time it says want it says agree agree agree. And so you've got the fellow in a terrific current area, and if you run into a preclear that you can't spring immediately, your drills then consist of solving a snap-in by just mocking up heads with sticks and strings and having him put on heads, and move away heads and throwing heads away and mocking up heads out there and letting them snap in at him. And then moving those heads back out again and moving...on any gradient scale until he could handle heads all over the place.

When he can handle heads real well, he can turn them colors and so forth, and he can handle heads, and he can create heads and throw heads away and bring heads in - all that sort of thing - go right on then to flows. You may have to co to flows before you get to the head because he'll start getting scared handling heads.

But you get flows, you're getting Niagara Falls, uh...something on that sort. Get him mocking up somebody turning a fire hose on him from the back, or Niagara Falls thundering away. And he gets pictures of these flows and flows and flows and then have him turn Niagara Falls off. If he can't do that, of course, you can hit a slower gradient scale.

You have a hose and have the hose dripping one drop of water at a


time and...you have the hose stop dripping. And from there you build it on up to Niagara Falls.

Now after you've stopped Niagara Falls running, remember that we're in a...an area here, we're in an effort, you've gotta have a disagreement with the MEST universe. So you have Niagara Falls run backwards. And he probably can't do that, but he can get one drop of water falling from the bottom of the dry falls back up over the lip.

And just have him move that drop of water back up over the lip often enough until he can get a trickle of water going up and moving over the lip and flowing on up the dry river bed.

And the first thing you know you move on up from there on a gradient scale and he's got Niagara Falls roaring madly upside down. Not just turn the falls upside down, but make the water run up the fall and over the lip and upstream. And when you've got him doing that, you have him in a state where he's not very worried about flows. You can have all sorts of flows, and that cures up flows.

Now, your next line of course is to mock up communication lines and deposits where you keep things very sacred in the head and very precious and things you want and...and that sort of thing. And you mock these up a little bit at a time. And you mock in these big communication lines to the genitalia and you mock it to the mouth area.

And you just mock up good big strong lines there. You get them tougher and tougher, and stronger and stronger. And keep throwing them away and throwing them away and throwing them away and you got your case pretty well wrapped up right about that time because you remove these various things.

If he's still having trouble, it's because of incipient ridges, he's got a block of ridges of one sort or another. Now, there is a special case along this line so I'll mention it again. That is the case of the individual who is a Fifth Invader or some such force as that.

He cannot handle black and white, but you would have learned that very early and you would have taken care of that. He is so disgusted with himself. He is so disgusted with energy when you first start to work him perhaps, that you will find that a shuddering uh...feeling of degradation, the like of which homo sapiens is incapable of experiencing, will swamp him.

Some preclears will start to move out and they will look at their hands. That is always good to ask a preclear who's having any trouble whatsoever about hands and have him mock up hands and do things about hands. Because when you get him out of his body and he starts to uh...put out a beam, he'll conceive himself to have...he's stuck in an old body, you see, and he'll conceive himself to have hands. And these hands and himself will be so disgusting to hen that he'll move right straight back into the body again and you won't be able to coax him. So work with that if you're having trouble with somebody; remember then that he could worried for fear he has some sort of a form, quite in addition to all this.

Now that comes under the problem which we've already mentioned - which is, stuck in an earlier body. And that is under the subject of a theta bop. You'll get a theta bop on somebody who's stuck in an earlier body.

And he may conceive this body to be so disgusting or himself to be so disgusting in some way or another that he dare not move out into the broad


daylight. He's got to stay in the head and hide. Well, this is pretty routine.

Hut these are mechanisms. Treat them as mechanisms and remember that the level of aberration which your individual is experiencing who has all these flows and these cables and so on is pretty high. He can really be dictated to by his own aberrations. Because these ridges will sit around the body here.

Out here you've got ridges, you've got ridges here and you've got ridges here and you've got ridges here and you got them out here and they're out yards and they're out many, many yards, and they're even out to miles for an individual. Ridges, ridges, ridges, and every one of these ridges has got pictures on it, facsimiles.

All kinds of motion pictures and that sort of thing. And they've all got some command value. The only reason they're around is because he hasn't taken responsibility for them. That's all. He hasn't taken responsibility for that energy.

What energy can or can't this man use? What energy can or can't this woman use?...and you'll find out that it will be that breed of energy which is parked on those ridges.

All right, then, we've got our problems laid out there pretty well. We find that the thetan...the thetan was at first somewhat willing prisoner, then an unwilling prisoner, and then an unknowing prisoner, in what we now call homo sapiens.

And that these items are separate, the thetan and the body. There are actually four categories. The thetan also has his own ridges. He doesn't abandon those, just because he...he doesn't abandon ridges just because he moves into a head; he still has his own ridges around the head. As a matter of fact, he uses them to think with.

That's not necessary, that is not necessary. Uh...he actually is able to ex...approximate and pervade. lie can go into the substance of things. He can go through and around the substances of problems and achieve his level of knowingness in this direction so fast and so instantaneously that it takes less tine for a high-level thetan to do this, to pervade things, than it does for him to get into the facsimile bank and sort it over and say, "Now, let me see, I think I will think about this. Oh, yes, there's a record of having thought about this before."

Lot of people think vocally, by the way. They say, "Oh, my God," grind it out - that's really slow.

Anyway, he has these banks and these lines which I've drawn here on this sixth little picture, uh...really could represent something resembling the thetan's memory banks. And that would be the analytical banks.

Rut the analytical banks actually have so much unknown material to them there's an...a reactive quality to any of these banks. But the reactive mind as such which we were first addressing in Dianetics consists of the ridges of the GE in the main, and they're the body ridges. And they're around here and there, here and there, here and there, here and there, there's one-way flows here, halfway there, and rawr!

You never saw such a mess in your life as the amount...number of ridges that accumulate and park themselves around the body and the body


itself actually is this reactive mind. It is a mind itself, it consists of energy, and there's facsimiles, and behavior patterns engraved on the very cells of the body.

So there's the GE as an identity; he is an older identity than the body he now has and here is a degraded strata of his life which you can actually discover on an E-meter and you could actually process if you wanted to.

It is very possible the GE could be processed without destructing the body. I have paid no attention to the GE. But you as an auditor will find yourself faced time after time with the problem of having to placate some thetan who is trying to treat the GE.

The level of propitiation of the thetan toward the body is such it's terrific. I mean, it's got to make amends to the body, it's done all these things to the body, it's ruined it this way and that. And it's got to get in there and cure this body up and straighten it up and propitiation for the GE. The GE is a raving psychotic.

If you s...ask him to reason in any other way than stimulus-response, he's lost. He's really down scale. And your thetan quite often will have as the basic reason why he isn't going to leave or...or...or I mean he isn't going to get outside or...or go any distance away, is because he's got to take care of that GE. He's got to take care...do something for the GE. He suddenly will recognize that there's a personality present, quite in addition to his own, and that this personality badly craves his, uh...doesn't crave it all but uh...you go down to the sanitarium, you can always find some psycho down there, this is pretty nutty. But I don't think you'll find any that are as nutty as the GE because the GE's just fine operating on stimulus-response mechanisms.

He does a beautiful .job. He's done a wonderful job coming up the line of patterning it all just right as the only solution which he had for the situation, lacked any other solution. But you ask the GE to suddenly go on the line of independent decision and thought and he is gone. He just goes Rrrawhhr.

And so, your job is to free the thetan. Now one of these days we'll get back on the GE line again, not during this course or anything else. I'm talking about the line of investigation. I'll get back on the GE line again and maybe figure how to bring a GE up so he's real smart. And uh...do it easily, but it's a secondary job.

I left the GE uh...track as pretty well investigated about March of 1952, and uh...the rundown which you find, is uh...that's a fragmentary rundown of it in the book WHAT TO AUDIT, which is now coming out under THE HISTORY OF MAN, A HISTORY OF MAN.

And that is a fragmentary account of the GE line. And it's a fascinating study, but that study wasn't getting us anywhere. It's a...it was...might be getting the GE somewhere and if we were in the terrific level of propitiation where we could only study the body and take care of the body and study the body and take care of the body and take care of the body and study the body and then just for variation, take care of the body...

That's the cult of the society. The great priesthood of take care of the body. "Put on your rubbers, Junior. That's right, now don't wear your rubbers in the house, Junior . Now you mustn't do that - you'll catch cold, that'll give you flat feet, or something. Put your rubbers on before you go


outside, Junior. Now you know we must take care of the body. Now, ma...make sure you're very warm and wrapped up and covered up," and the whole cant is the body is destructable. The body is destructable, the body is destructable, and, sure enough, it sure knows it is. It gets sick and everything else.

All right, let's go into this just a little deeper, then, on the four parts with which we're dealing. Now we tend that we have an identity here which is an X uh...GE with many outposts in the body and we have an X thetan up here who is located more or less there and we have these various flows which are body currents which could be part of the body, and which are aided and abetted by the thetan. The body currents and the body itself consist of the reactive banks, stimulus-response reactive banks following a path of patterned cycle of action.

It's created, it increases, it decreases and it dies. And then it takes that same...same reactive bank and with some of it lost and scraped off and goes on and makes another body. Creates, increases, decreases, dies. And th...that's the cycle.

The thetan is on a much wider cycle; he's on a cycle of spirals. And as long as he's been in...in this universe he goes down a LONG spiral at first just like a life here and maybe the first spiral is a hundred million years old and your next spiral is a shorter spiral and a shorter spiral. And he treats each one as though he's a separate identity in that spiral.

Then he gets on down to the present spiral, is about thirty-five thousand years, most people are into this present spiral. So he actually has a cycle too. And his standard banks or the standard banks or analytical banks you might say of the body has this really as one of its components, but it's got a record of the current spiral as being this thing. Out the thetan has sort of forgotten about it.

But it's there and you can dig it up very easily. He's this old, he's trying to do this, uh...and so on. He's on what you might call a thetan life cycle.

Once upon a time a GE was doing this too, but the GE's kind of fallen to the wayside a little bit.

Now, uh...let's pick out what part of this anatomy we're going to treat. Well, we'd certainly better pick out the preclear. That's a new and original thought. Nobody's ever thought that before, I'm sure. Why, somebody would have done something about it.

Brand new thought, le...let's treat the preclear, le...let's treat the patient. Uh...let's not put poultices upon his body and uh...let's not give him electric shock to knock the body ridges out or the ridges in or knock him flatter, or something like that; let's...let's...let's...let's do something for the person we are confronting.

Well now, I know it's very elementary, but perhaps it's too elementary not to have been done before. Uh...let's find out who the person we're treating is. That's a very elementary question and of course, of course, everybody has looked that up and they...that was the first thing they researched.

Why the first thing they found out was uh...is this thing we're trying to treat which doesn't respond to treatment, is it failing to respond to treatment because we haven't found out if it was a composite. Or is it a unit or a composite? No, they said Man had a soul and Man was this and Man


was that and so on. But nobody said, well, a man has a soul, that means that Man is a composite. Well...now which is the man? Is the man the soul or is a...no, nobody asked that question. A good question though, so let's sort out of these four the preclear and let's treat the preclear.

And there's the preclear - no place else. He could be outside or a lot...a lot of preclears, a lot...a lot of patients are undergoing treatment uh...to show you how far this propitiation care of the body can go, there are actually people undergoing treatment throughout the civilized world because they can't get into their bodies.

Psychiatrists knew about this for a long time, and they didn't do anything about it.

But they're undergoing treatment, and there's a girl out in Santa Ana, California, who had something like 250 shocks, insulin, electric and so forth because they found she was out of her body.

An auditor has been working her for some time out there. Now that...that's very interesting, isn't it? And we find out that other people in the society knew very well they could get in and out of their bodies, but nobody ever bothered to write it down or tell anybody about it, did they? That was great help.

It was an unimportant datum, had nothing to do with the problem and uh...so on...uh. So, here's the pc. Well, let's treat this pc.

In order to treat the pc we have to know something about his anatomy as well as his misadventures. And his anatomy i...is the fact that he is a..uh...he is a thetan and a thetan can exist and can believe himself to exist in this universe. And he can believe himself to exist as a point of energy which emanates and handles energy on a lower scale, and he can believe himself to exist even on lower planes; he can believe that he's a homo sapiens.

We ran a preclear one time at the Wichita Foundation uh...who ran a past life as a lion, and she'd eaten her keeper. The preclear was madder than a hatter, uh...quite psycho and uh...she ate her keeper uh...in this incident. And they ran this incident, and she got all right. Everybody stood around and went, "Huh?" This is incomprehensible because a lion is not on Man's genetic line.

Well, when I found that incident, by the way, I heard about that incident, I became quite interested and it triggered a little bit of thoughtful activity on my part as to what this homo sapiens consisted of. Evidently, up and down the track, the thetan can get careless with lions and things too.

There is such a thing as a transmigration, as well as a reincarnation principle. Although neither of these things, you understand, are transmigration as such or reincarnation as such. All it is is the continuous living in a being who continues to take different forms. And he's never a different being but he has to tell himself he's a different being and tell himself he's no longer the being he was and that that's gone and dead in order to be the being which he is at the time.

So, this can...this thetan can be a point of energy and using energy and so forth in this universe. This thetan can also be in this universe a point in space which is not using energy but which is existing by command only - that's a higher level.


And this being can be something which can create space, and then create energy and matter in that space. So you see immediately that the thetan really is not a creature of space; he is a creature which can create space and his beingness is as great as he can create space.

Go into that considerably later.

Now, therefore, we're treating, then, an individuality, an individuality which does not have a location in point in time but which can locate point in time, and that's the pc.

This character has the very strange characteristic on a very low and easily demonstrable level, has this terrifically strange characteristic of being able to hold apart two electrodes, with no hands, and hold them apart so thoroughly that they explode on a condenser action which then will react violently upon an E-meter or cathode ray machine.

So he has as far as we can see in the manufacture of energy, about the same capabilities as those which have been assigned to the Supreme Being in this universe. The proprietor of the MEST universe, I suppose, has got his characteristics and so forth, uh...uh...as good as some of the thetans I've processed. I hope so.

Uh...but just because we would have a proprietor of this universe uh...that could do this and that or a manufacturer of this universe could do this and that, that would be no reason whatsoever to assume that that proprietor were necessarily the highest level of proprietor there could be.

There are gods and makers of gods. And this is a minor universe. All right, it's a big, sloppy one.

Uh...let's uh...take a look then at these capabilities and find out that astonishingly he not only is able to take two mock-ups and smack them together to get a terrific splash of electrical jolt. He could actually come around and heat up your hand or make your eye contract rather painfully with a beam. He could probably fry your hair if he wanted to put out A.C. or D.C. Fascinating, isn't it?

All you have to do to prove this up is to start using beams just a little bit. Preclear's unwilling to use them because this is the motto of the MEST universe: Thou shalt have no energy unless thou takest my energy and sloutest people in the head with it, for I am a force universe and uh...I don't have any tolerance for anything like aesthetics or them low-down stuff because we're practical around here and you gotta work.

Now, here then...here then is your object of processing. And I want to make a couple of statements about that. You're gonna have a preclear saying, "Oh, yes, I'm on the other side of the room. I'm on the other side of the room," he says. "Yes, I'm over there against that wall." You just go into act three, act four and preferably act five. Not act five, level five. "Yes, he's over there on that wall," "I'm over there on that wall."

That...that's really weird, "Yeah, here I am on the wall," is what he more or less would...spontaneously would say, if he were out of his body. "Yeah, I'm on the wall. Oh, yeah sure. Uh...I'm here. I'm there. Yeah, my body is..." he immediately differentiates, "My body's, uh...I'm about ten feet behind it."

That is about the way he talks, so you can catch somebody on this very quick. Make sure you don't miss catching him. He isn't...he isn't over


there on that wall, yes. "Yeah, I can see me over there now. Yeah, very plain, very plain, I'm the one with the horns." That's - he's looking at many things. He could be looking at some kind of a mock-up. He could be looking at an actual identity that's uh...hanging around. Or he could be looking at la's of things; just to make certain you know what he's looking at, why, have him hang a few identities up there.

You know, have him hang up something with a...have hire hang a Coca-Cola girl up there and uh...then change her around to make sure that he knows he made her up. And uh...that sort of thing blows because a person who does that is in a tremendous uncertainty.

When a thetan moves out of the body he does not move out of himself. He is himself when he is out of the body. And he is. And he...he is a place, and he knows where he is and he can tell you where he is. So this should give you a pretty good idea of...of the identity he assigns to himself.

He says, "I am me." And when you ask a fellow,"Are you out of your body now?"

"Well, I don't know, I...I...I don't know...uh, a...eah," he isn't out of his body. Don't force him to believe it either. I'll...I'll...I'll..I'll...I'll zap any auditor that does it to somebody.

"You know very well that you're out of your body. Well, I saw all the signs present, so I know you're out of your body now. You'll just have to make up your mind that you are. Now, I'm through fooling with you. Now just step back there and uh...that's right, now we're going to process you." Don't do that, because if anything can ruin a preclear...He says, "I don't know."

He'll...he'll sometimes ask you, "Do you think I'm out of my body?"

There are two shuns - invalidation and evaluation. Shun both of them.

You say, "Well, I don't know. Are you?"

"Well, I can't be sure."

"Well, I tell you, let's run this and let's run that and so on,"' and let's go right straight through this process of undoing why he's in, a body in the first place, because some portion of it is holding him and he's just got a sort of a shadow idea. He could put a communication line out there and look from it, by the way.

He can put a communication line from himself over into the next block and look at the next block. But he knows he's not in the next block. If he were in the next block...How...how'd he...how does it seem to you sitting in your chair looking at this room? You know you're there, don't you?

Well, that's how it seems to a thetan when he's out of the body. If you get anything less than that, he needs a lot of work before he gets there. Lot of work, might take you many hours. Mock-ups, so forth, you've got to raise his reality level because that's all that's really...it...it's...

He isn't sure of his space point, so on. He's very upset. There are many reasons why this has taken place, because this comes under the heading, of spacation.

Now the easiest thetan to spring is the thetan who conceives himself to be a point in space. And a thetan conceives himself to be a point in space, he has not gone, he is only down at secondary dispersal.


The first level of a dispersal is, boy, he's running. Now a secondary level of that, he is about to run, and the...the third and best level would be uh...run from what? And, uh...you say run to a thetan, run from what? That that's...that kind of a thetan moves out of the body and he says, "All right, I'll mumble, mumble, yes, I'm there."

"How big are you?"

"I don't know. I don't know."

"Ten feet?"

"I don't know, I feel a little bit bigger than that. I seem to be about fifteen feet. No, looking over here I seem to be quite a little bit bigger than that - about a hundred feet. Yeah, I see the houses down there. Well, yeah, I can also look into the room from another portion of my beingness. What...what did you wanna know?"

You think he's just going waaawh. Run from what is his motto. Well, the secondary level is, uh...he's about to. If it just goes on any further, he will. Now these points. And then there's the...the first level, way down in the basement, first floor of all of this, he's running like hell.

And the zero level is he not only isn't there and is running, but he's already arrived at the...all the places to which he could go and he's still on his way.

Now, this...we got a no location. This fellow is pretty easy to spring. Now when he's in that state he finds it very easy to handle energy. He's very sharp. He can handle energy and so forth. He's apt to be a little bit rrr and a little bit "Ridge no, uh...yeah, yeah, I can handle that ridge." He's apt to be a little bit on the side of...uh, "Well, we're going to face up to this now, and uh...no explosions around here is there? Oh, well, all right, we're going to face up to this now." There's your characteristics.

So...That person, by the way, is pretty easy to process. Most kids are in about that state. When they get a little bit older they've started to run so uh...they have a feeling like, well, maybe they're here but they're here, they're over here but so on.

You ask them how many times...What do you...what is the sensation you have when somebody says to you, "Get out?"

If I said, "Meouw." Oh, it's horrible, the idea, yeah. He said, "I just remember there are times in my life when people have told me to get out that I had to leave, and I just...just - made me sick. Yeah," he says. That...that's...Well, of course, he's got no place to run to, but he at least knew he was there and somebody told him he had to leave there. Well, that's what's known as getting into negative space.

You're not even...you're not in your own space and you can't even occupy a point of MEST universe space. Tha...that's...that's bad enough, but there isn't even any MEST universe space you can get into anywhere although you're trying in a number of places. Now when you get this added up you get your various levels of point. That is cured by the use of the principles and process of spacation, very simple process.

Now this fellow, actually oughta to expand up to about 210 feet, anyhow, on his concept of himself. It's perfectly comfortable for him to be at such a level. Uh...he doesn't have any actual mass - he just kinda feels


like he's covering that much territory. He's got a definite idea that he'., sort of covering this much territory.

He could get out much bigger than that if he wanted to actually almost...it's very amusing to ask a preclear that you've just gotten out of the body, "All right, now get propitiation for the body." And the first, one of the first most common things he will tell you, "Yeah, yeah." And you'll say, "What's the matter?"

"Well, I don't know, the body's just gone out, it's about two thousand feet tall - it's just enormous. Just enormous."

"Well, all right. Uh...uh...get some feeling of contempt for the body, and so forth." And you can work this thing down again. He looks pretty good and he can...his emotional attitude toward the body varies the size of the body. And his own size varies also in this concept. Now you quite often notice that as a preclear begins to conceive a contempt for some kind of a mock-up, he'll keep complaining to you, "It's getting smaller. It's just tiny."

"Yeah, yeah, I can get that."

And once in a while ask him, "And wha...what size is this head you're getting?"

He says, "Well, it was about twelve feet, no, it's gotten smaller."

Uh...you...you ask him, "Now, uh...what size is this head that you're getting?"

"Oh," he says, "about normal, about right." He's probably just agreeing with the %ST universe somewhat.

But you ask him again, "What size is this?" and this is as the process'll continue.

He'll say, "Well, I'm getting little heads now." He says," I roll them around like kids' marbles." They've gotten very unimportant to him and he judges their importance by relative size.

So, this is one way of checking up on whether or not anything's happening. If these heads are staying the same size, and the same size in every mock-up he gets, the same size, the same size, and he never varies the size, the heads never get any smaller, they never get any bigger, or anything of the sort, you're stuck on something else. It isn't the head drill you're worried about.

So take a look at this as an anatomy, you see the beast that we're working with. The beast we're working with isn't a beast. And that statement would be germane to everything in the NEST universe. You see, the way you win is to lose, the way to live is to die, the way to die is to live. That's the MEST universe. It goes 180 degree vectors.

It was laid out by an idiot. There's no real randomity to it. It. isn't even a tough problem to resolve, but here's...here's your problem with this. Is your pc who is doing a bad dispersal, believes himself dispersed all the way through the body because he's got communication lines of his own to all parts of the body. And if he's got communication lines to all parts of the body everywhere, he of course believes e...he is the body because he feels the body everyplace.


And he keeps saying, "I can't move out," and so forth. He's just anchored in with similar lines to those which I've just shown you. Now get this point as one...one conclusion on here.

Process sensation when you're trying to break those internal lines, desire for sensation, and remember to process desire for sensation when you're...when you have your thetan snapping into heads. That's desire and thirst for sensation - must have is what's got him there - so he's riding on that postulate, which is the only reason he'd snap into a head.

He never knew that before. He wants to get something out of this body so the second something goes wrong with energy, he'll snap in. Before he can undo anything he's doing and remember that the thetan who shifts around inside his head is trying to keep from having a sensation.

He gets flows go...start going past him, and the flows go past him. He's trying to keep from being afraid. He's trying to hold on. He's gone to the point now, and oddly enough this person seldom gets any pleasant sensations in the body anymore.

He's trying to hold on, he slips, he's skidding around. And he hasn't got any time to work those communication lines to areas of sensation. He's just trying to stay there, that's all. That's idiotic as the devil because the one thing you want him to do is get someplace else. And really the one thing he basically wants to do is go someplace else, and yet every action he takes is an action to hold on to where he is.

Sometimes you start to bust this up, and it happens very fast, that thetan will do a bunk, to use a British colloquialism, he will do a bunk. You say, "All right," to this pleasant girl and she's sitting there and everything's fine. And, "Yeah, all right, now you be a foot back of your head, just be two feet back of your head."

"Nuooong!" and the body goes collapse.

You say, "Hey." No answer, the heart's still beating, the lungs are still breathing 'cause the GE runs those, but the thetan he's done a bunk.

She is just passing Arcturus. You say, "Hey." One of them...one very good gag that went on and on and the auditor coaxing her - "Think of your family. Why don't you come back?" - Trying to get to reassume responsibility for the body, you see. "Think of your family, uh...think of this, think of that, think of something else," and so on.

And nothing happened and that body was just sitting there like a lump of clay, you see, completely flopped. No controls on it, nothing on it at all but sure there's a communication line. There always is a communication line to the body because it's tuned up on wave lengths.

Don't look for an actual cable between the body and the thetan - he's all tuned up to the wave length of the ridges of this body. Of course, he could talk through it if he were six universes away. That's...that's he's just tuned up to that wave length. There's no such thing as space. All right.

Plow...uh...you've got...you've got a thetan there who is on her way. Finally this guy says, "Well, think of your poor auditor." And she came back. And so there...there is the preclear doing the bunk.

What happened there is it just had never occurred to this preclear before that you could do it all the way. This preclear had fooled around with


astral walking and a lot of other things which are not similar to this. And you could do it all the way and there was all of you there and you were gone and on your way and it was so nice to get off of the surface of Earth and get on your way and she didn't have any idea where she was going. It was just she was on her way. She was doing a bunk.

So if somebody does a bunk on you, coax them back. They seldom leave dead bodies on your hands.

Well, what happened is...is this preclear is suddenly shedding all his responsibilities. Once in a while you get that case. Don't let it stop your own heart - they're...they're quite startling. Uh...sometimes they get out and they don't know how to make the body handle anymore.

Well, get them to pick up a finger and drop the finger. Pick up a hand and drop the hand and move the hands around. And move the head around. They say, "Aw, I can run that thing, to hell with it."

Okay, let's take a break.


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